Oh my god. O M G. SOOOOO GOOD! Watch it on HBO-get HBO for the night so you can watch it, or rent it in a few months when it’s on DVD or better yet-buy it! Basically, Will Ferrell made some amazing points about Bush’s tenure as president.

Some great moments:

  • Cell phone entries/notes about world leaders. Berlusconi (Italy) = shoes. The German Chancellor = don’t give neck massages.
  • The cabinet. Richard Pearl is cuddly! hahahaha
  • Dancing with Condi
  • Audience nicknames
  • The whole campaign story…oh goodness, where do I start? Geneva Convention. Bill Clinton potentially in his basement.
  • The idea of Barbara Bush being totally ripped…haha
  • The Decider Robot.
  • Secret Service Guy dancing-except for the fact that his shoes were dirty/dusty

Anna and I basically died laughing. And from the perfume of the woman behind us-that’s another story though. Anyway, point of this post-see the freaking show! Will Ferrell (and Adam McKay) is truly a genius. I loved the show. It was FANTASTIC!