Economy enters same-sex marriage debate

I read this article today on and was really surprised by this article. I’d heard the argument used lightly in the past but this was the first time that I saw it as the central reason why same-sex marriage should be legal. It has weight-not only is there the cost for the license but then many couples would have a ceremony or celebration, which would fuel money into businesses, create jobs, etc.

Some of the opponents said that it’s more about the sanctity of marriage of course but I wonder at what point the economy factor will stick. How low will the Dow be before people change their mind? I don’t really forsee the economy swaying people’s opinions on same-sex marriage, it is every engrained in religious and political opinions. But some politicians are on the fence, so maybe this will sway them more than their constituents? I’m curious to see where this goes, that is for sure.