A few weeks ago one of my favorite online shopping sites Rue La La tweeted and blogged about their love of heirloom jewelry. Their fans and staff shared their favorite pieces that were passed down to them and why they love them. It really got me thinking about my own pieces. I don’t have too many but what I have I absolutely adore and each piece holds meaning to me.

The first is my paternal grandmother’s wedding ring. I never knew my grandma, she passed away long before I was born, but as a gift my uncle gave me her ring. Since I never knew her all I have are her things, which is only two. The other is an afghan made from clothes she knit. It sheds little strands of fabric/yarn all over the place but I know that she originally sewed all of those strands together, so it’s like having a piece of her. For my wedding I tied her ring around my bouquet with my other grandmother’s (which I borrowed from my cousin), to have my something old and borrowed but more importantly to have these reminders of them on my special day.

My grandmothers' wedding bands tied to my bouquet. © Casey Fatchett - www.fatchett.com

The other pieces I own are my maternal grandmother’s amethyst pendant, matching stud earrings and silver hoop earrings. They are very simple but from them I draw strength. My grandmother was also an Army wife and stayed strong during two wars where technology was not nearly like it is today. She waited for months for letters and never could get a phone call. I find myself wearing her pieces when I am meeting new people or have a crazy day. While these pieces of jewelry may not have been what she wore during WWII while waiting for any news from my grandfather, it still gives me comfort knowing that they were hers.

Do you have anything from your grandparents that you cherish?