Facebook has recently had an influx of fan pages-at least an influx of showing up in my news feed and suggested section on my home page. Now at first they were all singers, bands, movies, organizations, restaurants, etc. But now they are just getting ridiculous. Today alone I saw “I hate cigarette” and “Cuddling,” and while I do agree with both of these, I’m not going to become a fan. I think it’s obvious that everyone is a fan of “Sleeping” and “I want to sleep 5 more minutes” but I really don’t see the need to declare my fandom on Facebook for everything in my life that I like.

I must admit that I’m a fan of a lot of things on Facebook but they are mainly artists, TV shows and stores that I like and want updates on. For instance, Red Mango gave all their fans coupons-that was awesome! And Britney keeps me updated on her tour with pictures and Gavin Degraw is doing something in Africa. These are pretty meaningful updates. But what would the update for “Cuddling” be? The person that created it maybe found some new amazing way to cuddle? Or cuddled for 3 days straight? What do you update people about?

Maybe I’m a little overwhelmed by all of these new fan pages, but honestly I think there are too many. I realized the other day that I was a fan of 2 different In-N-Out Burger pages…which one is real? I honestly have no idea. So I think it’d be great if Facebook would do something about this…I just don’t see the point in all of the fan pages. I like them, but not ALL of them. They are getting to be pointless.