Apologies for the lack of posts, it’s been a crazy few weeks. Anyway, a few weeks ago was West Point’s Class of 2011 Ring Weekend. Since James is finally a senior aka firstie, I went to the class event/weekend.

The two-day event started on Friday afternoon. The ring ceremony was on Friday afternoon. All of the cadets marched in by company. It was impressive (as usual) to see them all lined up in their uniforms, their whites for this occasion. (I did catch one cadet snoozing which was pretty funny.) Each company handed out the rings individually to each cadet at the same time and when they were done, the cadets put on their rings.

I’d show you a close-up of James’ ring but I took really horrible photos of it so it doesn’t look nearly as nice as it really is. But my favorite part of Friday was when all of the Firsties (Seniors) go back to the barracks to get their stuff to leave for the weekend and all of the Plebes (Freshmen) stop them, surround them and then say the Ring Poop. It’s a funny rhyme and if they mess up they have to start over. For some reason the document type is wrong for me to upload it here 🙁 But it includes the line “look at that cool jewel you got from your school” and others that are just as cheesy. It finishes with “may I touch it sir?” Basically it was hilarious! The plebes run from one side of the walkways/quads to the other to stop a Firstie. James got stopped four times I think, others more, some less. The guys all think of ways to avoid the plebes, one guy that James is friends with scaled the side of the barracks to his room, he almost got away with it but an officer saw him. Pretty awesome though.

The next evening was the dinner and ball. Dinner was delicious, but the mess hall was insanely hot (no a/c in there). I felt bad for all the guys in their uniforms (or the dads in their suits), but I was dying from the heat! West Point gets specially bottled wine for the event which I thought was hilarious (but not super tasty, maybe the red was better). Then off to the dance to take cheesy pictures with a giant version of the ring and have some fun. We had a great time all-in-all. Here is us on Saturday night:

These weekends are fun excuses for mini-vacations and we had a blast together driving around the Hudson Valley. I’ll write about one of our adventures later, but we did see Despicable Me and it was fantastic! If you haven’t seen it, go! My favorite line was “It’s so fuzzy I’m gonna die!” Love.  Anyway, that is the famous Ring Weekend, apologies for lack of photos of the ring and video of the Ring Poop. More blog posts to come this week about adventures from the last 2 weeks!