It was time for a weekend getaway and so James and I went away to Western Massachusetts. We stayed in Lee, MA and explored the whole area from Lenox to Great Barrington. The weather was absolutely perfect, making the whole weekend even better.

Our first stop on Saturday was Main Street Cafe in Stockbridge for food. The diner/cafe is located in the old General Store on Main Street. We got there after breakfast was over so we ate lunch! (I really think breakfast should be served until 1 pm on weekends…oh well, what can I say, NYC has spoiled me and my love for brunch.) I got the Turkey Brie melt which was delicious! It was a very simple sandwich of roasted turkey, brie, lettuce and tomato on 12-grain. James got a fajita wrap which looked tasty. We also shared a cup of Maple Butternut Bisque which was delicious and reminded me of Thanksgiving. It was a bit sweet and was delicious with sour cream.

Afterwards we headed to the Norman Rockwell Museum. This was one of the reasons why we planned our trip up to the Berkshires. The museum features a selection of his original oil on canvas illustrations that were either seen on the Saturday Evening Post, in ad campaigns or other magazines. It was great to see them up close and personal. Each painting had a story next to it which I enjoyed reading. We both got a little burned out from all of the art/stories so we walked outside to get some air and go to Rockwell’s studio. The museum is on a gorgeous property just outside of the main part of Stockbridge. Rockwell didn’t live there but they moved his studio there when they built the museum. They set up the studio as it would have looked when he was in the midst of a painting. It was really cool. Finally we looked at all of Rockwell’s Saturday Evening Post covers. It was amazing to see how much they changed over time. From subdued/very little colors to full colors. They also started mainly as pictorial illustrations to more portraits of famous people/politicians. The whole museum was great and I highly recommend it to anyone. It’s a great showcase of Americana. There were photos of his “models” aka everyday people that he thought had the right face for what he was trying to portray. It was truly wonderful to see all of it.

Norman Rockwell's Studio

That evening we ate dinner at Chez Nous. It’s super popular so make reservations! We didn’t and sat at the bar, which was fun and a different experience for sure. We ordered off the same menu, so there isn’t a difference food wise. We ordered New Zealand Rack of Lamb and Grilled Sirloin. They were both delicious. Also, the roasted vegetables were delicious as were the sweet potato fries. For dessert we got bread pudding and a hot dark chocolate mousse with pineapple spring rolls. I’m not sure if spring rolls is the right term but it was pineapple in fried wonton paper basically. Both were tasty!

Our final day we drove to Lenox, MA and got brunch at Haven, a cute coffee shop/bakery/cafe. I had really tasty scrambled eggs with smoked salmon and caramelized onions. Also, their breakfast potatoes were delicious! Then we drove to the Museum of the Gilded Age, in the former home of J.P. Morgan’s sister and her husband, only to find that it was closed for a private event. We wish we could have gone but alas, it wasn’t meant to be. We drove the long way back, aka through other towns, admiring the beautiful houses and cute Main Streets along the way.

Overall, it was a very relaxing weekend. (Apologies for the lack of photos, I was having a good time and really didn’t take very many!) We got away to a quiet, quaint town full of good food and with lots of history around every corner. I’d suggest going. It’s a hot spot in the summer, so there is more to do from May to October, but the hotel prices are very reasonable in the fall.