I spent Labor Day Weekend in Pennsylvania exploring battlefields, learning about chocolate and seeing the Amish. It was fantastic and a nice little getaway before school starts.

First stop: Gettysburg. I had never seen the historic battlefield before and wish that we had gotten there a little earlier, but oh well, it’s a good excuse to go back later! The museum and visitor’s center were really great. The museum was well put together and they teamed up with the History Channel to explain all of the battles and how they occurred. Then we drove around the battle stopping where General Lee spoke to his defeated troops after Pickett’s Charge (Virginia Memorial), Little Round Top and High Water Mark. The field was expansive and it’s difficult to imagine all of the blood that was shed there. I want to go back one day when I have more time to see the Cyclorama, more of the museum and battlefield.

Day 2: Hershey Park! First we went on the free Chocolate Factory Tour. It’s free and basically a ride through a simulated factory. It was really fun and I appreciated the singing cows and smell of chocolate. Then into the park for tons and tons of roller coasters! I usually get really freaked out and close my eyes but then on the last one, Farenheit, I opened them and it was AWESOME! Basically it changed my life for the better. We went on the big rides and for the most part they were fun! Super Dooper Looper was a little disappointing but Big Bear, Comet and Farenheit were great! Sidewinder was scary-partly because we were the 2nd ride after it reopened for the day-not sure why it was closed-repairs of some sort. The mechanics were still there when we were on the ride. Anyway, overall Hershey was great! I’ll go back one day for sure for some more fun and maybe some adventures in the town too!

Day 3: Before heading back to NYC, we drove to Lancaster County to see the Amish! We went to Intercourse, because honestly we just couldn’t resist going there and taking a picture with the sign. On our way we got stuck behind a buggy for a few minutes which was AWESOME! DId you know buggies have turn signals? I was surprised. Anyway, we got to Intercourse and walked around a bit. It was a cute little town. We bought some souvenirs, saw some more Amish people walking around/driving horse buggies and took a picture with the sign. It was pretty epic. I want to go back to get some Amish food, we were there between meal times, and maybe some jam. Oh, and go on a horse and buggy ride. Anyway, Amish country was great!

I must say that my boyfriend planned a great weekend getaway for us. It combined our love of history, fun and just plain ridiculousness. Now I’m a senior in college, more on that later as soon as I finish my first week.