There are a lot of things that can go on a registry, I mean A LOT. When we went to Bed, Bath & Beyond and Macy’s we were given giant lists in what seemed like 8-pt font suggesting everything and anything you should add to your registry. Needless to say you probably won’t add everything, or maybe you will but it’ll span a few stores. But looking at registries you probably wonder, what will they really use? Why the heck do they want that? Will they even use it?

I can’t speak for everyone but I can say for us that except for our china, which we are planning to use this month for the first time, we really do use everything, or we’re trying to at least!

We haven’t been using our china too much, mainly because I’m still figuring out the best place to store it. Most likely in our to-be-completely-redone bookshelf/hutch thing but for now they are sitting safely in their original packaging. But the plan is to use it this month for my birthday and/or Valentine’s Day. It’s really beautiful so that’s a must-use.

I love my Kitchenaid, and of course I registered for most of the attachments. We made homemade ice cream in the ice cream attachment one night, need to perfect that. I’m still waiting to buy/receive my coveted pasta attachments (roll and press) but we most recently used our meat grinder. Yes, you heard correctly. My goal is to one day make homemade sausage but for a recent dinner of chiles rellenos we ground our own beef. My main tip if you do this: grind the meat twice to get the right consistency (this is what Kitchenaid suggests as well). It was pretty fun, a little gross looking, but quite satisfying. Oh, also, if there are any large fat chunks try to cut them out, ours jammed a bit so we had to stop it and clear it out and restart.

Using our meat grinder

Pretty crystal decor and Nambe.  While these may seem fairly decorative, we love them! I have our beautiful candlesticks and vases on our mantle, and the vases do get flowers every once in awhile. The Nambe is on display above our cabinets, best place to store them, and we use them when we have guests normally. We also got a set of coasters that we use everyday that are gorgeous!

Overall I would say that we use almost everything from our registry. I’m looking forward to using our china soon, and eventually completing our registries/adding to our kitchen. Although, I may need to reorganize our storage space. How do you use your registry items? Anything you don’t use?