Besides the dress, the wedding item that I was most excited to buy was my shoes. I have a slight, ok major, love of shoes. I used to work at Steve Madden so my shoe collection is pretty large and I do spend money on shoes when I buy them. I think quality is important. So as soon as I picked out my dress, the hunt was on. At first I thought that I wanted blue shoes, to make it my something blue, but the only ones that I loved were these Manolos in royal blue:

But the price tag was a bit high so I went on a hunt for something similar, but hopefully open toed since our wedding is in summer…

My hunt led me all over Manhattan, to Bloomingdales, Bergdorf Goodman, Macy’s, Saks and Lord & Taylor. But it was a pair of shoes that I had spotted online, tried on in  a different color at Bloomie’s before scouring all the other stores just to be 100% sure. But I knew from the second that I put them on that they were the shoes. People say that they get that feeling the instant they put on their wedding gown, and while I didn’t get it that instantly with my gown, I got it with the shoes. They had the sparkle, lots of height, and while they weren’t blue, they were perfect.

I give you: Badgley Mischka’s Lissa. I ended up buying them on Piperlime. They have been carefully wrapped back up in the box, sitting in my closet, until I decided to put them on for fun, or for my dress fitting next week (!). They are surprisingly comfortable, for being about 4″ high. I will need to somehow break them in a bit without dirtying them up. Hopefully some laps around my apartment will help. Oh, and my new something blue: jewelry. I can’t wait to show you when it arrives!

Thoughts on my shoes? What would your perfect wedding shoes look like?