Yesterday I told you all about our last day in NYC, well after a great last day, we jetted off to the Virgin Islands. We spent two weeks island hopping and relaxing. We played every day by ear based on the weather, it was the rainy season after all, and just asking the locals or hotel staff what we should really do.

We started out in St. John, a semi-quick taxi-ferry-taxi ride away from the airport in St. Thomas. Out of the 3 U.S. Virgin Islands, St. John is the smallest and least populated, mainly because most of the land is a National Park. It was absolutely gorgeous—white sand beaches, crystal blue water and giant green trees all around.

We stayed at Maho Bay Campgrounds during our time on St. John. It’s an eco-friendly campsite with private tent cabins that are along a boardwalk that flows seamlessly with the wildlife around it. I can’t tell you how many times lizards walked by us on our walk to and from our cabin. We saw an iguana outside of our cabin at least once a day. This also meant: bugs. But the view, oh the view:

Maho Bay has a small beach that is absolutely wonderful. You can rent snorkel and beach gear at the beach. And you’ll at least want the snorkel gear, this was one of the best snorkeling spots we went to. On day one we saw a turtle! A TURTLE! It was awesome. James also found the elusive octopus, and we saw numerous types of fish. The water was deep enough for a nervous snorkeler like me to feel comfortable looking at the reefs but had shallow areas so snorkelers like James could go in for a closer look. We had a blast swimming around Maho Bay and the surrounding coves. The beach was also secure, only accessible by boat or through the camp, that I felt comfortable leaving our stuff on the beach while we went swimming/snorkeling for awhile.

There was also a restaurant at Maho Bay which served breakfast and dinner everyday. We ate there the first night for dinner and it was pretty good, but the breakfast was fantastic! There were specials everyday, including Eggs Benedict. We ended up eating here every morning and then cooking dinner in our cabin, which was equipped with a propane stove and cookware. It was a step up from camping for sure. Not a typical honeymoon spot, but it worked for us.

Other highlights of our stay in St. John:

  • Hiking up the Cinnamon Bay Trail to look at an old, abandoned planation home. The views from the top were incredible.

  • Eating a fancy dinner at the Westin for our one-week anniversary. We tried Caribbean Lobster which was delicious! And had some tasty, but strong, rum drinks. We watched the sun set from our table and just enjoyed the great food and view.
  • Sleep. Oh the sleep. The bed wasn’t that comfy and it was a bit hot since we were in a tent cabin, but we would go to bed and wake up with the sun, which resulted in a good chunk of sleep.
  • Lots of reading. This was the ultimate place to unplug, although there was definitely cell service, I didn’t feel the need to check it. I did check my email once, to verify where we were headed next but that’s it. I read 3-4 books while we were here, and more later on in the trip, it was fantastic!

Overall St. John was great. If you are looking for a more typical honeymoon experience that on of Maho’s studios are a better option, they are air conditioned studios with private bathrooms (yes we had to share, camp style). Or there are other hotels on the island. I enjoyed not staying anywhere too fancy, but after 4 days at Maho I was ready to be clean and air conditioned more of the time. So, off to Tortola, British Virgin Islands! But for that, you’ll have to check back next week.