I haven’t posted a wedding-related anything in awhile. I guess you could say that after getting my photos up I went on a bit of a wedding vacation. But now that engagement season seems to be upon us I started thinking about how people share big news.

When James and I got engaged, we first called our parents, texted some friends and then I am pretty sure I made sure to check into Bryant Park on Foursquare, updated my Facebook and Twitter. Maybe I’m a bit too plugged into the internet.

But while I opted for exploding on social media, I’ve noticed that more and more people are postponing putting their exciting news online. For instance, one of my relatives just got engaged and he and his fiance decided to tell people in person as they saw them over the holidays, plus they aren’t the biggest Facebook fans (not sharing which relative since they are still telling everyone). Eventually they plan on changing their status and such on Facebook but until then they wanted to try to avoid those awkward in-person conversations that go something like this:

“OMG I saw on Facebook. Congrats!” OR “Soo I saw on Facebook…nice ring.”

Additionally, a lot of people in my life are getting pregnant (not me). They seem to be opting to keep things off Facebook. One of my cousins put in one of her e-mails about her progress: “No Facebook please.” She eventually couldn’t help but share the news later herself. A friend also didn’t share her pregnancy on Facebook for awhile since she’s young (and married) but wanted to avoid any judgement from older friends. And another friend: posted nothing until the baby was born and she shared a few photos.

But once it’s on Facebook, what do you share?

For my wedding I announced our date and venue when we booked it since I was sooo excited. But I quickly had people who can only be described as blasts-from-the-past saying they were going to show up or wanted to come. They weren’t even on my “B List” for invitations. Some of these people I hadn’t talked to in years. I quickly realized that I needed to post a little less and send out vital information in other ways. This was usually via messages or emails, which very often was “check out our wedding website. Here’s the link!” I have seen people post links directly to their RSVP (if online) and other info about their day. I know I was excited, I mean I shared a lot of information, I blogged about DIY projects, my color scheme, even shopping for a dress but I stopped giving out vital details. I wanted my day to be a surprise and potentially stop invitation requests.

You can hope that people won’t crash your day, but it could happen! I love sharing everything but some things are reserved for day of. I will say that my friends that have shared all sorts of info do leave elements of surprise. And some of my pregnant friends have shared the sex of their baby and ultrasound pictures. Not sure if I would do the latter, but it’s such an exciting time that sharing with everyone you know is important. Also, social media is a great way to get the word out. With all of our recent moves, people know when not to send me things when I share things like, “Off to Washington! Road Trip!”

I love the internet, obviously, and I really do find it fascinating how people share news. I’m the first to admit that I absolutely hate statuses every hour about a person’s day. “At home, chilling.” “Chicken or tuna salad for lunch?” “Going into a meeting.” Cool, you’re bored, you want to post a status, but please, my newsfeed doesn’t need to know your lunch order. Tell your co-worker or your friends via text.

So I guess my question to you all is: how much do you share? Do you share some things on one forum, others on another? I know I definitely post more random thoughts on Twitter. I reserve Facebook for really important info or the best links. When you have crazy exciting news, what’s your course of action for telling the many people in your life?

P.S. Happy holidays!! I’m visiting family for the rest of the year but will try to keep posting. I do actually have more wedding posts on my mind now that we’re attending more weddings than I’d care to count right now in the next year.