With only 10 days until my wedding (!!!!) I’m in total crazy mode but smart crazy mode. I have a ton of last minute details to work on (printing escort cards and decorating them, finalizing music, creating a timeline and just making sure we are good to go on all other aspects of the day), but I am also focusing on my beauty regiment. While I’m not switching any products or doing anything too new (see more below), I am making sure that my skin is in great shape and not too dry.  So here’s what I’m doing:

  1. Drinking water! I know that I need to stay hydrated, especially with a crazy heat wave coming through NYC this week. My lips are chapped and while I can keep putting chapstick on, I need to fight the dryness from the inside and stay hydrated.
  2. Moisturizing day and night. I’m focusing on my really dry spots, near my elbows and such.
  3. Whitening my teeth. As a present from my longtime dentist from home I got a professional whitening kit. While it’s just for my top teeth, I’m working on the bottom too with Crest Whitestrips.
  4. Trying to get sleep. I’m a terrible sleeper. So I’m trying to go to bed earlier to get my beauty rest, since that will help my body rejuvenate and keep me healthy overall. Key word: trying. I’m doing the best I can.
  5. The one thing that’s new: I’m getting an airbrush tan. I got THE worst sunburn at James’ graduation. The dress I wore was sleeveless but high neck so my shoulders and arms got BURNED but the rest was white. So to even it out a bit, I tried it out. And…it turned out fine! My tan lines are still kinda obvious to be honest but at least the rest of me is tan. I’m seeing how it fades before I decide if I’ll get a tan before the wedding, but I ran into a college friend this weekend who told me I looked like I just got back from the beach so success!

That’s my beauty regiment leading up to the wedding. I’m just trying to stay healthy. Do nothing too crazy. I want to look natural on my wedding day but also not have a giant zit on my face. Hopefully it works!