So now that it’s been almost 2 months  since our wedding, I figured it was about time to post some photos and share some stories. I’m going to break it up into multiple posts for a few reasons. One, I just love too many of our photos by Casey Fatchett and don’t want to overwhelm you! Two, there were a lot of great moments from the day and I want to share them all. Three, I want to keep Wedding Wednesday going for awhile. So here we go!

Prior to the wedding day I had some last minute details to finish, mainly escort cards, putting the favors together and our bags of confetti. I had a ton of errands to run on Friday with my mom (get my ring cleaned, buy last minute gifts for our bridal party and family, etc.) so by the time I got back to the hotel I was exhausted. Fortunately my cousins were there to help. The great thing about being one of the younger members of the family is that there are more family members by marriage to help out, and their kids. So I explained what to do to my one of my cousins/wedding coordinator for the weekend and my Maid of Honor and off they went to the others. When I showed up an hour later post-nap, everything was done!

Completed Favors: 2 Whoopie Pies by B. Hall Baker with Berger Cookies (Groom's "Cake") © Casey Fatchett -

My last project was the escort cards, which amazingly fit perfectly in the frames I had painted. I designed the cards, the text matched our invitations, and using a modified idea from Martha Stewart. I used metallic tape in gold and copper (and silver spray-painted gold) to add a border on one side and then stamped the table numbers on with gold stamp pad. While most of these had been done in my last crafting session with my friends, I forgot some guests and messed up others. Fun fact: I wanted these to look handmade so my friends were absolutely surprised at how lax I was if a number was stamped slightly off kilter. I did almost go bridezilla on Kinko’s for printing and cutting the numbers incorrectly, and then spent some money doing it myself multiple times for the right size. The final product:

Close-up of the escort cards © Casey Fatchett -
Escort Table, obviously someone took their card already © Casey Fatchett -

The rehearsal dinner was Friday night, and we had a blast! No photos unfortunately, but we had a semi-casual affair with our family. All of my young second cousins and James’ younger brothers had a blast playing games supplied by my mother-in-law and the food was great. It was held in the private room at At The Reef. The staff was great and accommodating while the food was delicious. If you’re looking for a place with space in the Hudson Valley, check it out!

Now, day of: my bridesmaids, mom, flower girl + her mom and me headed to Soho Salon in Fort Montgomery for a few hours of hair and makeup. I had done a trial a few weeks before and was glad that I took a lot of photos just to refresh my stylist’s memory. For the rest of the bridal party, they decided the morning of at the salon. I hadn’t really thought about how they wanted their hair and with them both having different textures of hair, I felt it best for them to choose and talk it out with the stylist. They opted for a super cute side bun, I absolutely loved it! Our makeup was fresh looking, looked great and stayed on all day.

Brittney & Danielle, at the salon with hair and makeup done! © Casey Fatchett -
My hair while we had to make a minor adjustment © Casey Fatchett -

The boys didn’t have much to do in the realm of getting ready. James told me later that all was calm until Casey and Angel (Casey’s assistant for the day) showed up at the cabin they were getting ready in, then it all kicked into high gear. The boys shaved and got dressed. Woo hoo! Just kidding ,there are some great shots of them:

James checking out his freshly shaved (super-cute) face © Casey Fatchett -
James' younger brother, one of our ring bearers, putting on his suit with James and their dad © Casey Fatchett -

So while the boys got ready/photographed a bit, I relaxed and waited to put my gown on. I wrote a card to James, we opted not to buy each other presents and put our money towards the honeymoon. Then when Casey returned: my dress, shoes and jewelry went on!

© Casey Fatchett -
Putting on the gown © Casey Fatchett -
Putting on my jewelry © Casey Fatchett -
Putting on my shoes (by Badgley Mischka)! © Casey Fatchett -

Now some of my favorite other details from the day: my flowers, jewelry, invitations, etc:

Our wedding bands nestled together on top of my bouquet © Casey Fatchett -
Invitation and my jewlery © Casey Fatchett -
My bouquet by Lee Vazquez Floral Design © Casey Fatchett -
Detail work on the bodice of my gown, by Henry Roth © Casey Fatchett -
Lace detail on the skirt of my gown by Henry Roth © Casey Fatchett -
My grandmothers' wedding bands tied to my bouquet. © Casey Fatchett -

So, what do you think? Next post: our first look and more photos of our gorgeous wedding party. And details from the ceremony. Any photos you really want to see? I have a few thousand so I am happy to share more!