So apologies that this post will not have a photo but it’s about my WEDDING GOWN!!! It is finally in and it is glorious. More beautiful than I remember. I had my first fitting two weeks ago and it went so well. I went with my bridesmaid Danielle and we were both so excited to see the gown again. While I had photos and remembered what it looked like, it’s different when you put on the gown that is yours. That was made for you. That is actually your size!

So it went really well, obviously. I had yet to buy my undergarments, mainly since I wanted to see what the fitter would suggest, and she’s sewing something in, which makes my life much easier. I got to put on my shoes with the dress so it could be hemmed to the right length. The whole outfit felt wonderful. And the great thing about getting the alterations is that it will really fit me exactly. The dress is a whole lot of dress (think full-ish skirt and train) but as soon as the fitter cut off some tulle and pinned the hem to be the right length for my height in the shoes, it felt very manageable and instantly better. Also, funny thing: I forgot what the back looked like. Since it was totally clipped on me when I tried it on I don’t really remember seeing that there were buttons (for decoration) along the zipper.

I know that the dress won’t be totally done or perfect at my next fitting in two weeks but I’m so excited to see it again. I promise to take photos, but you’ll have to request them, no photos of the dress are going up until AFTER the wedding. Can’t ruin the biggest surprise now can I?