The wedding is only a few days away (read: 3)!!! I have been insanely busy finalizing all of the last minute details: arranging travel for guests, making sure everyone knows how to get to the wedding, that all of the vendors are good to go, figure out the seating chart and the list goes on and on…On top of that I was trying to say goodbye to my friends in the city and pack up my apartment. Yeah, super fun times.

Going into the wedding I just have to let things happen as they happen. But I did some stuff in advance so I will stress less going into the day, and I’m really excited!

Over drinks with my friend the other night, he asked me, “What’s your advice to someone planning their own wedding?” My answer: Be organized. I couldn’t have done it without my binder, notebook and to-do lists. Ideas were organized by theme: flowers, hair, dress, contracts (once we hired vendors), etc. Then when I met with people I went straight to the appropriate section and whipped the stuff out. It was easy for my vision to come across for my day when I met with my florist or hair stylist because I had images that expressed what I wanted. Images often speaker louder than words, and I really saw that was the truth when it came to executing this day.

Another thing: trust. I know that I can’t take amazing photos. So I hired a great photographer, who shot our amazing engagement photos. Going into the day I’m not worried about Casey’s photos. Also, flowers. I only know a few flowers and could probably never really arrange them right. So I hired someone who I just gave a whole ton of ideas too, talked out my vision, and I’m not sure exactly what they’ll look like but I know they will be fabulous.

Third, surround yourself with supportive, wonderful people. I had a lot of great people helping me out. First, James. He’s the whole reason why I’m here right? But seriously. He has been a huge help. Most recently: he’s dealt with my stress levels and the mood swings that sometimes come with that. Also, he worked on the seating chart and, wait for it….HE COLOR CODED IT BY FAMILY/FRIENDS. Omg it was amazing. Second, my parents and James’ parents. Again, couldn’t do this without them but they also understand me, James and while they helped a lot financially, they also helped emotionally and supported James and I and how we saw this day playing out. My bridal party: WOW. Even from across the country they helped me plan a great wedding. They threw me an amazing bachelorette party. I could count on them for a laugh over gchat or a drink in the city. Love those girls. My friends. I am truly grateful to all of them for their help in crafting, listening to me vent about stupid details (most recently: how to number tables) and shopping for my dress and shoes. I’m going to miss the NYC/East Coast friends, but I really couldn’t have done it without them.

Finally, I’m confident in what I’ve/we’ve done. I’m so happy as I see it all coming together. I recently got all of my printed goods (table numbers and escort cards) and let me just say: dammmmn. Here’s a sneak peek:

I promise to update post-wedding but it will probably not be until after mid-July. We’re off on our honeymoon for 2 weeks and then moving…so apologies for the lack of posts, but I promise to be back!