Last honeymoon post! Next week: the wedding! I know I went backwards but I got the wedding photos after I’d started this series on the honeymoon. Anyway, back to the post. The last island we went to was St. Thomas, which if you fly to the Virgin Islands you will most likely fly to. We stayed at Point Pleasant Resorts on the Northeastern part of the island, close to Redhook, the ferry port closest to St. John. The hotel itself was nice, although customer service at the front desk was not the best. We had a great view of the BVI and gorgeous blue waters.

Sorry, only good photo I got of our view has this lovely tree highlighted...

I know this may sound crazy, but after being on vacation for just about a week and a half, we were starting to get ready to go home when we got to St. Thomas. Don’t get me wrong, it was beautiful, but we were a bit spent (as were our bank accounts). So we spent a lot of time at the resort lounging by the pool or playing Skip-Bo on our patio. That being said we did get out a bit!

If you stay at Point Pleasant, make sure you get some groceries, at least for breakfast. The restaurants on the property open for lunch and dinner. They will shuttle you to two places nearby. We went to the Wyndham Sugar Bay the first morning, and while the buffet was delicious, it was overpriced, and the hostesses were probably the rudest people we have encountered. Example: they called out tables by room number, if you weren’t a guest, they were just confused. The wait staff was nice though. Not sure what or where the other breakfast option was, but we opted to get groceries for the rest of the week instead of trying the other one.

The closest beach was technically Pineapple Bay, but it has not been maintained because the resort that was on it has been closed for years. So it’s overrun by seaweed. You can walk to Coki Beach though, a nice stretch of beach with good snorkeling. It’s next to the Coral Bay Aquarium as well. This beach was definitely overrun by locals trying to sell ANYTHING. I got offered a few times to have my hair braided. A man met us in the parking lot as we approached and told us it was his beach, anything we wanted, we should ask for him. There are food and drinks here, as well as chairs, umbrellas and beach gear for rental. We definitely kept an eye on our stuff though. I don’t have photos from this beach, I really only brought books and towels. From other guests we heard that Magen’s Bay was better and watched by security, but we were a bit too stingy to venture out there. Cabs, for the record, weren’t terribly priced; there were flat rates to everywhere on the island.

Food: we actually cooked a lot of our own meals (see: running out of money and kitchenette!) but we ate at the two restaurants at the resort. Fungi’s is a casual restaurant and bar down on the water (the resort is on a cliff). It has typical bar food, but the woman that runs it is fantastic! They have a shot called “The Roots Shot.” In the guestbook in our room someone wrote to try it and that you would “see God.” So James tried it. It’s basically really strong rum infused with local herbs or something. It was strong but apparently good, according to his report. I opted to not try it, maybe I’m lame, oh well. But the food was pretty good. The other restaurant is Agave Terrace. It is a fine dining restaurant with amazing views. The food was great, as was the service. Both restaurants are open to all, not just hotel guests, so check them out!

Sadly I really didn’t take too many photos on St. Thomas but here is one more for good measure:

View from Fungi's

Overall, we had an amazing honeymoon. It was a blast! I absolutely loved the Caribbean, the Virgin Islands and will definitely go back one day. I would love to explore the British Virgin Islands more and St. John. While there is a lot more to St. Thomas than what we saw, I really loved the atmosphere of the other islands more. We’ll see what happens but it was an absolutely amazing 2 weeks!