When it has come to some of my wedding details I just haven’t found just what I wanted, at the price I’m willing to pay in stores, so I had one place to turn: etsy, the site devoted to connecting people that create handmade things to people that want to buy them.

I bought two of my wedding day elements from etsy: my jewelry and the ring pillows.  For the jewelry: I knew that I wanted something blue and that I wanted it to be simple. Just a pendant, but something that had something extra or special about it, and matching earrings. I started looking on etsy and actually found the jewelry for my bridesmaids first. (No picture: their jewelry is a surprise, but it’s kinda similar to mine, color wise.) And I loved the shop that they were in, made by sam and soon found exactly what I was looking for. I messaged her to create a custom order for the whole bridal party and myself.

Photo by Made by Sam

So as you can see in the photo, I got drop earrings with a flower crystal design at the top. The necklace is in the background. It’s very simple. I forgot to take it with me to my first fitting to make sure it all goes together but I will next time. While the photo makes the blue gemstones in the earrings look large, they are actually only about 1 inch. For an order like this (and with 3 other necklaces, all personalized, and 2 sets of earrings, on top of my jewelry), it can take some time. So be prepared to order in advance.

The other items that I ordered from etsy were the ring bearer pillows. I had looked at Michael’s and other stores selections and just didn’t find something that was simple or within my budget. So I started searching etsy. Some of the options were still really expensive, as they used really nice fabric or detail work, but I found just what I was looking for in regiana‘s shop.

I loved its simplicity and the color was perfect with our color scheme. It’ll be perfect for our ring bearers to carry (it has a ribbon on the back to hold onto) and just looks great. I was contemplating making my own pillow but this was way better, and nicer than anything I could have made.

What do you love on etsy? Anything you’d buy for your wedding from the site?