I am the first to admit that I’m not crafty. And when I thought about my wedding I knew that I just couldn’t do every detail for the day of on my own. But as I was planning there were little details that I knew I could do to add a few personal touches. Fortunately for me, I have some crafty and genius friends. My friend Karen spotted these beautiful lacey candles in Parents magazine and we both knew that they were perfect for my wedding. Instead of the pretty colors in the original, I opted for gold doilies to tie in my colors and add some sparkle. With the help of 3 of my friends, we made some pretty freaking beautiful candles.

Here is the final product (how-to after the jump):

We started with 48 votive candles that looked like this:

And silver doilies that we spray painted gold and allowed to dry/set while we prepared the candle holders. First, water down regular glue (like Elmers) and paint a thin layer all over the glass. Then, slowly put white tissue paper (cut to be slightly larger than the candle) on the glue-glass surface, make sure to press down any air bubbles and wrinkles. You don’t want too much glue or the paper will rip. Some wrinkles are inevitable and we felt like some wrinkling was okay to give the antique-look I was going for and once you put the doilie on, some of the imperfections will be covered. Here are about half of the candles drying:

While the candles dried we worked on another project (more on that in another post). Then we came back to the candles. Time to put the doilies on. First, cut or carefully rip the excess tissue paper off. As 3 of us did this, my very crafty friend Anna cut the doilies in thirds to fit the candles. The doilies were a bit taller and longer than we needed so after putting the doilies on we trimmed them to fit. Be prepared to get glue all over your hands during this step. You put a layer of the watered down glue on top of the tissue paper (amount doesn’t matter, actually a lot of glue is helpful) then press the doilies on and hold for a minute or so to let the doilies set. Then the doilies were cut (by Anna and my roommate Christine) to fit the candle and sealed with glue at the seam. We let them dry a bit and then put another coat of glue on top of the doilie to set it, which led to this:

I absolutely 100% love them. Each candle is different and will add it’s own flair to the day, and yes, guests can take them (after I take my share)! I’m debating if I need a to make a few extras just in case, but I have some leftover materials so it won’t be a problem. I couldn’t have done it without my friends, who are not only talented but just wonderful and fun! We crafted all day and there wasn’t a dull moment, I didn’t realize that it had been more than 6 hours of gluing and painting when we finished. More crafts next week!

What do you think of the candles? What DIY touches were/will be a part of your wedding?