My other major craft project that my friends and I worked on was transforming basic white frames to gold. The frames will primarily serve as holders for the table numbers at the wedding. I wanted an antique touch without spending too much money, so instead of buying gold frames, I made them. I started off with basic white frames from Target:

Then off to Michaels for some paint. We bought an acrylic paint called Iridiscent Gold. Going into the day I thought that painting the frames would be super easy but for whatever reason it wasn’t. The issue was the slippery coating of whatever was on the frames. But fortunately, after the first coat, the second stuck much better and allowed for some texturing. In total we painted 20 frames that now look like this:

I can’t wait to see them with the numbers inside. I am going to print the numbers on nice card stock and insert them into the frames. Once we got over the frustrating first coat, we all loved the frames. We added some texture by painting in quick motions along all of the sides. It was a really simple project and a great way to inject some beautiful details into the day, in my color scheme, without breaking the bank.