After my near Bridezilla meltdown, it was finally time to try on Bridesmaid dresses. It was weird sitting on the other side of the dressing room watching my bridesmaids try on the dresses and give my opinion.

Going into the appointment I really thought that we’d go for something like the photo above. I really love this style by Lela Rose. But two things happened:

  1. The store didn’t carry this exact style.
  2. While trying on dresses we really drifted in another direction style-wise.

Brittney and Danielle tried on countless dresses, I think about 20 between the two of them. I kept notes but they were awful! Example: “like style, not the flowers on the boob. Maybe.” Some I just wrote “No.” Others, “Yes!” I don’t think I could tell you what dress was what based on those notes. It was also difficult because the samples were all too big, much like how wedding dresses are larger since they are custom ordered, and in colors that ranged from red to yellow to grey to orange. We were trying to focus on the style but sometimes the color did throw us off a bit, but even those ones just weren’t the look we wanted for the wedding.

Anyway, we gravitated towards a sweetheart neckline in chiffon. The style looked great on both Danielle and Brittney, and was simple yet elegant to go with the overall wedding look. Also, since chiffon is light, it’ll be perfect for the summer weather. Hopefully it won’t be too hot in the end of June, but just in case, the girls won’t wilt under some heavy material.

I’d love to show you a picture, BUT you must be surprised for when the big day comes! The dress will be blue, it’s the main color for the wedding, more on colors soon in a another post, and just beautiful! I can’t wait for their dresses to arrive so we can see them in the color in person (the sample at the store was red) and in the right size. All of the big, important details seem to be working themselves out, I feel like I’m nearing the end, but then I look at my to-do list and see all the little details left to do. It’s all fun stuff from here on out!

Tell me what your experience was bridesmaid dress shopping in the comments! Did the bride have an exact vision? Can you ever wear the dress again? I can say that I wanted my bridesmaids to feel comfortable and pretty, I think we accomplished that much at the very least.