This past weekend I went home to Arizona for some sun, fun and my first bridal shower! My best friend/MOH and her mom threw a great shower for my friends in my hometown of Phoenix. As she was planning I had one request: not too cheesy and not too many games. I’ve been to a shower or two before and it was just too over the top cheesy and full of games that no one really wanted to play. I wanted everyone to talk and since I’m never home, I wanted to opportunity to catch up with family and friends. It was  a great chance for more people to meet each other and just enjoy the afternoon.

Cupcakes, favors and a prop for a game

Brittney and her mom Shirley made delicious red velvet cupcakes, and set up a really sweet shower, complete with candy filled brides (the favors above) and mimosas (yummmmy). I LOVED the color pallete of light blue/teal aka my color that I wish could be in the wedding because it’s wonderful but doesn’t match James’ uniform, and the tasty food, including sandwiches from a local favorite (Paradise Bakery) and my mom’s signature pasta salad. As soon as most of the party had arrived we all got a ring tied to a string (in the photo above as well) and were told that we couldn’t say the word ring. If we did we had to give our ring necklace to whoever made us say it. Well, we were all way too good at this game and ended up giving our necklaces to my flower girl Lizzie, who loved getting something too!

The other game we played was a version of the Newlywed Game. Brittney sent questions to James who responded and then I had to guess what he answered. Everyone else guessed how many I would get right. Let’s just say that I did poorly (the questions were difficult and sometimes I was thinking the right answer but said another)…I’ll grill James better next time for hints on the questions. And look back at calendars to remember the exact day we met (Friday before Halloween 2007 is difficult to remember the date, seeing as it’s not our anniversary). Anyway it was a fun and cute game! James was judged, as was I, on our respective answers.

The presents I got were just too sweet! One of our family friends bought us the red Kitchenaid we wanted. We also got a beautiful wine chiller, vase, pans, 2 sets of our china and Champagne! My favorite gift was a candle that my mom made for me that is like a traditional Patron Saint Candle. It has Saint Dorothy on it, the patron saint of brides, and includes her story and photo. My mom is the first to admit that she doesn’t craft, so not only was it thoughtful but I know it took her a lot of work!

Saint Dorothy Patron Saint Candle

Overall I had a great time talking to everyone, opening presents and relaxing. I have 2 (yes, 2) more bridal showers and I know that they will each be different and fun in their own ways, but this was a great way to start bridal shower season in my life!