This past weekend James and I attended the wedding of one of my former co-workers. It was beautiful and I couldn’t help but look around and see what things she had that I was going to have or that I hadn’t really thought of yet: such as programs.

Her programs (above, super cute!) opened up to include information about the wedding party, the order of the ceremony and their families. It really got me thinking about if we should have one at ours. Other friends have said that they had programs to let everyone know who people in the wedding party were that they may not have known before since they were college friends and not family. I thought it was nice to see what all the ceremony was going to include, and who was included, in the unity ceremonies, bringing their families together.

I was thinking for mine to include basic details: the wedding party, important family members and possibly ceremony details if we do something beyond the traditional vows.

What do you think? Are programs a necessity? Do you find them helpful or can you do without?