So the one thing that people keep asking me about the wedding is what colors I am doing. I had a general sense since James will be wearing his uniform we would have blue and gold but from there I was a bit lost. I like pinks and oranges and at first thought that the bridesmaids would wear something in those tones, but we opted for blue instead. So my vision changed to blues accented by the pinks and oranges. Before meeting with a florist this past weekend, I went with my friend Karen to Home Depot to get inspiration from paint samples.

The above combinations came from a countless number of samples ranging from nearly white to cranberries and dark orange. These colors (above) were ones that I gravitated towards originally as we held them up to the pants sample that James supplied. Karen and I then started combining all of the colors slowly. Eventually we got to these in a few different combinations. When I went to the florist I just laid them all out and she took samples of each to help her figure out what flowers would be best, and what I liked.

It was an exhausting process to be honest. These details of the wedding are going to be the toughest I feel like. I’m not a total flower person or crafty. Thankfully I have friends to keep me in line and to help, by sorting through tons of paint samples to find perfect combos. I’m so glad that this is all figured out and that I have a much better sense of what the wedding will look like.

I’d definitely suggest checking out your local Home Depot/paint store for inspiration. My favorite color was Disney’s Satin Ribbon. Most of the other colors were by Behr with some Martha thrown in for some accent colors (golds, not shown above). Also, I think it really helped my florist because I had specific examples not just a basic idea. I’m excited to go forward with all of this wedding planning ahead, just need to stay focused and find the crafty bone in my body.

How did you pick your palette? Any other fun tips for other brides-to-be?