I am currently working on the little details of our big day and this includes something for people to put any cards that they bring to the wedding into. I’m on a hunt, but I keep changing my mind about what I want! Thinking about my candles and frames, I would like something that has an antique feel, and that I could paint to match. My biggest conundrum is if I should go for something that people can see through to some extent or not. So here are some ideas, and what I was thinking to do to make them work at my wedding.

This blue wire basket is from etsy and I was drawn to the details that were reminiscent  of the doilies on the candles. The color would obviously be spray painted over with gold to match the rest of the day. My first idea was a wire basket of some sort and this seems to have a bit of an antique feel and isn’t too big or too small.

I found this bowl while on a bit of a preliminary hunt for bowls today offline. I stopped into Anthropologie because they have that antique feel in a lot of their housewares. I was drawn to the slightly olden look to it. I am not sure if I would add any gold, possibly some on the detail work, fleur de lys and dots around the rim. But stylistically so that it looks used (don’t ask me yet how I’d do that please). My concern is that it is ceramic so people can’t see into it, although it would probably be obvious that that is the gift card bowl.

This is actually a planter from Crate & Barrel but it’s not too large and I liked the lines. I thought that I could add some gold accents along the lines running down the side possibly. But like the Anthropologie one it is not a clear vessel in the least bit but I think it’s cool.

Another thought from Crate & Barrel: a glass bowl. I like the style on this in general. I am not sure if I can paint on this, or if I’d want to add details of gold or not. But it’s pretty and a different look entirely.

Last idea: another wire basket. Yes I like this wire basket idea. Anyway, this option is also from Crate and Barrel. It’s slightly different than the other, again I’d spray paint it gold. I actually didn’t see this in the store but I like the shape and the potential.

So what do you guys think? Wire basket? Ceramic? A planter? In reality, how big does it really need to be?