From the moment I realized that I had a wedding to plan (so the night I got engaged), I knew that I needed to get organized and fast because of everything that goes into a wedding. The first thing I bought was a notebook to keep track of what I thought of each wedding venue we saw, make to-do lists, write down ideas, etc. It’s been pretty handy, we used it while wedding dress shopping to remember what dress was what (since you can’t take photos unless you buy).

But on top of the notebook I needed an expandable file folder to put pictures, contracts, ideas and anything else that came along the way. I didn’t want anything boring and then I found this:

It is from one of my all-time favorite stores, The Container Store. Not only was it bright and colorful, it was only $9.99 and came with labels. I only started with wedding location, photographers, dresses and flowers. Since then I have added more labels including centerpieces, beauty and cake. As I visited places or met with vendors I put their information in the appropriate section and when we decided on a vendor, I replaced everything with a copy of the contract. Same thing for my bridal gown, it started out with all of my inspiration photos and ended with a contract. It is BEYOND handy. I seriously pull it out when I look through bridal magazines and just add to it. That way when I’m ready to discuss or par down ideas it’s all in one spot.

The other thing that I have repurposed is a magazine basket that I was using to hold paper for my printer but is now for wedding magazines and miscellaneous stuff. I don’t want to throw out the magazines yet, I will probably need inspiration later from them, so it’s a great way to store them without cluttering the place up. Of course it’s from The Container Store, I’m slightly obsessed, but you can use whatever you have!

With so much to do, it’s nice that everything has its place in my room. It’s probably the only thing with a system, but I don’t want to get all stressed/crazy/bridezilla. How do or did you organize your bridal stuff? Am I missing anything?