So much has happened since I last blogged but alas I’ve been busy once again. Last weekend was the Army-Navy game, which I thought about writing about again, but it was really just the same as last year except Army scored 2 touchdowns! Their first in 4 years. Army lost but I think next year’s game will be much better for the Black Knights for sure. But, after that exciting weekend, I came back to NYC with my mom to do the BEST part of wedding planning: buying a wedding dress!

Now, I won’t show you pictures of the gown or links because James is not allowed to see it until our wedding day! But the process was great fun. I went with my mom, one of my bridesmaids and some friends. It was a blast! It was great putting on these beautiful dresses one after another. The tricky part for me was really figuring out the shape and style that I wanted to wear. Some looked great but just weren’t right for one reason or another.

My first stop was Macy’s Bridal Shop by Demetrios. My wedding dress consultant was this fabulous older woman named Sylvia, seriously if you go there ask for her! She’s sassy, smart, knows what looks good and what doesn’t and is just fun! All of the dresses at the salon are by Demetrios and they are all beautiful. The one thing that was difficult to tell when picking out dresses to try on was just what they looked like in bags and with the train hung up as well. I tried on all sorts of dresses that evening, but the best were strapless (sweetheart neckline preferably) and a-line. I found 2 great dresses there but wanted to try on more and the next day I already had an appointment at…

Kleinfeld’s! Yes, the store made famous by “Say Yes to the Dress.” It’s so popular that they limit the size of your group to 5 (plus the bride). I had a great consultant, she’s not on the show, that pulled dresses that looked like the pictures I brought in and with similar elements. I tried on more fitted and trumpet styles and while they looked good, the a-line was what I remembered and loved. So it came down to 3, and I honestly didn’t really remember the first 2 that I liked so I went back to those, first one got nixed, pretty but not it. The 2nd one was great and pretty. Then to the 3rd one. And I knew it was it! I felt like a princess. It was so beautiful. The day I was there just happened to be a day when the dress’ designers were in the store, Henry Roth, and he came over and helped pick out the perfect veil and gave tips on how long the train should be as well as how it’ll bustle. He was fantastic! Such a sweetheart. We took pictures and were just so excited. It is THE perfect gown. I love it. I keep looking at photos that my mom and friends took because I miss it. I can’t wait to go back for my fittings in late spring/early summer.

It was a whirlwind 2 days of shopping, and I probably tried on about 15 dresses in total, but in the end I knew it was the dress. My tips for when you go shopping:

  • Bring photos.
  • Trust your consultant.
  • Be vocal about what you like/don’t like.
  • Ask to put on veils/headpieces if you know you’ll wear them, it really completes the look, especially if you’re debating between styles.
  • Have fun!

I seriously want to go shopping again, partly because it was great hanging out with my mom and friends, and the dresses, oh the gorgeous dresses! Feel free to go look around Henry Roth’s site, he makes great gowns with his sister Michelle. They are really great people too! I won’t tell you which dress is mine but if you must know I can email you the link, or you can wait like James until our wedding day (or our photos are up!).

Time for the holidays! I hope everyone has a great holiday season–no matter what you celebrate!