The Park has returned!!!!!!!!

A rainbow as seen in the new fountain. Children were playing in the water on the hot day and it was wonderful. The park that I fell in love with before I started at NYU and the first year I lived here on the West side of the park, has returned. Life was breathed back into the greenspace, which is greener than ever in the planters.

The walkways are much wider, there is more space to walk in the middle, which makes the park seem bigger. A LOT bigger. But it doesn’t matter. People and children and dogs are running around. Everyone gets wet as the wind pushes the fountain’s water in every direction. There are sunbathers in the grass! People are taking lunch breaks on the benches. There is music. There is laughter. There are smiles.

I’m so glad the park is back! I am not looking forward to part of it being closed again come fall but I know that when it reopens it will be glorious. I was nervous about what the park would look like and if people would be angry, but I think we are all glad to have our park back. Oh Washington Square Park, I <3 you oh so much. Welcome back for the summer.