I got Twitter at the beginning of the summer and updated it randomly with an interesting article or thought or where I was going in my travels. And then I got back and one of my friends said that I don’t update enough. So I started updating more when I was at my computer. Then, I added the Twitter number to my phone to text them. That’s when the trouble started. I would text anything, hoping someone would care that one of my professors sounds like Diane Rehm from NPR or that I love walking up 5th Avenue to my Italian class. This past weekend I went upstate to visit my boyfriend, go to a football game and a nice date. I tweeted randomly throughout the day to the point that when I got home everyone knew everything that had happened-like who won the game and that dinner was really nice. It hit me that it was too much. I had promised myself that my blog would not be too personal and I’ve kept to that for the most part, but Twitter, oh Twitter. I only wanted to use it occasionally, to get used to using it as a tool for work or to keep up with some friends and get news. But alas, I got trapped and kept tweeting and tweeting. It was too much. So now, I’m going to back down again. Although, I still check what people are saying all the time (thanks to UberTwitter on my new Blackberry-YAY!!), and I’ll update with random thoughts and news, but I now promise myself that I’m not going to do pointless updates, because really who needs to know every detail of my day and who cares?