Last night my best friend and I gave into the pressure and rented Twilight. Nothing at Blockbuster was really calling us, and well, we thought that Twilight could be funny and then maybe, maybe we would understand what all the hype was about. And well, I can maybe kinda see it…there was one point in the movie when I got really into it. I can’t remember right now what part it was, I think that it involved running through the woods or something…I don’t know. And at the end I did want to know what would happen next. I asked a friend that has read the books but she just told me to go read them because they are soooo good. Well, I really don’t want to do it, so I wikipedia-ed the plot summaries. Oh so ridiculous. Anyway, back to the movie.

The acting was AWFUL. And the dialogue was so soft that I had to put subtitles on just to know what they were saying. It helped a lot. Also, I don’t find it very realistic that within a few weeks or so, Bella and Edward fall completely, madly in love and completely trust each other. I just don’t see it. Great story, not very realistic…I guess it is a movie. Also, they were soooo awkward. And creepy (which, I guess is to be expected but it was almost too creepy). The whole thing was just ridiculous. Let’s take this line, for instance: “You’re like my personal brand of heroine.” Wow. Stellar job to whoever wrote that.

I just can’t get all the way into Twilight. I don’t totally get it. I liked that she was from Phoenix, and I was trying to figure out where everything was when they were in the city, but the whole story is absurd. My friend that told me to read the books says that they are really much better than the movie. Which is true for 99.9% of book/movie adaptations. So I trust her that the books have more depth, but even still, I just can’t get into the vampire story line of love between these two.

I’m glad that these books have America reading but it’s not for me. I am glad that those plot summaries are online because I didn’t want to spend my time on reading the series, but maybe I’ll see the next film for kicks, but on DVD, I’m not paying $12 (NYC price) for that ticket.