This Friday my best friend and Maid of Honor Brittney arrives in the Big Apple to visit and try on bridesmaid dresses. When we had confirmed her flights I started trying to make appointments to try on dresses. After playing phone tag with one place for almost 2 weeks with one store I decided to see what other stores carried the lines I really love, Lela Rose and After Six, to name my two favorites.


But every store was booked. Mainly because it’s Saturday and I was trying to do it about 2 weeks in advance, not too smart on my part. I guess I thought that it was so easy to get appointments for my bridal gown that it would be as well for bridesmaids, especially since there are only 2 of them. Well, I was wrong. Very wrong. I started scouring for other bridesmaids stores that carried other designers, my best friend wasn’t coming all the way to NYC to try on nothing! But I didn’t like any of the other options. They were either 2 expensive or not the look I wanted. This is when I started to go Bridezilla.

I emailed stores to put me on waitlists, if they even existed, I didn’t know, just in case something opened up. I texted Brittney and Danielle, my other bridesmaid, about the situation. Brittney and I figured out a back-up plan (basically going to other non-bridesmaid dress stores) and see what they had. At the same time Danielle reminded me that she has a car and that we could drive out of the city. GENIUS! That’s when I hit my stride. I started looking at options in North Jersey and Long Island. I settled on a store in Long Island and am so excited! If they didn’t have any openings I probably would have had a meltdown but they were able to accommodate us.

I’m super excited to see the bridesmaid dress options! I am sure we will find what we are looking for. At the end of the day I want Brittney and Danielle to look awesome and not pay an arm and a leg. I’ll update you on what we find!