The Black Forest! This was sooo cool. The train ride from Freiburg to Triburg was beautiful as we climbed up the mountains into the dark, green Black Forest. Triburg is home to the beautiful Wasserfalls (Waterfalls) that are the highest in Germany, if I remember right, as well as the worlds largest cuckoo clocks.

I first went to the Wasserfalls. There was a path to hike that was pretty easy, although steep at some points, that showed off all the beauty of the forest, from the trees to the squirrels and of course, the water. I don’t think I even have words to describe how beautiful it was, and serene. It was actually really calming traveling alone and being able to go at my own pace. I also finally understood why Europeans take pictures of squirrels in NYC, they are 100% different than European squirrels. I didn’t snap a picture of the Black Forest squirrels but they are red and had funny ears that stick up. Anyway they were crazy looking! I also helped a French couple with their digital camera-in a broken combination of French, English and hand gestures. It was really fun and made me feel really good that we could communicate without really knowing the other person’s language. Here is one picture from the waterfalls:

I was going to do a long hike but there were these ticket offices so I thought I had to pay more money to hike and I didn’t really want to do that to be honest. So I ventured back into the town to find some cuckoo clocks and possibly go to museums. The town was really cute and well, German. It really reminded me of what it was like when Hans Christian Anderson was writing his famous stories. This is a view of the town from the Waterfalls trail:

I had no idea what time it was and I quickly realized that I might miss when the large cuckoo clocks close so I headed toward the “World’s 1st Largest Cuckoo Clock,” 3 km uphill. It was such a long walk! And then I got to this little house. Paid 1.20 euros and hurried to the backyard to see the “cuckoo” of 30 after. It was kinda anti-climatic to be honest, and not worth that much, maybe 0.5 euros? I dunno. It was cool nonetheless and then I walked back to town.

I headed back to Freiburg (after a quick stop in a store that had hundreds, possible a thousand, clocks). It was a quick trip-I could have used another hour or so to go the the Black Forest Museum or see the actual World’s Largest Cuckoo Clock but it was a good trip overall. I really enjoyed being up in the cute forest town.