On a recent weekend trip to Tucson, we went to the Pima Air & Space Museum. The giant facility has a number of hangars full of planes, helicopters and space travel vehicles, as well as a huge field of even more planes from around the world. If you love planes then this is the place for you (they have over 300). I will admit that I got a bit overwhelmed, but there is a lot of information available, as well as some really cool flying machines!

Planes outside at the Pima Air & Space Museum

The museum has planes from all ages and types: watercraft, helicopters, bombers and planes that go Mach speeds. I really enjoyed the WWII and Vietnam-era planes with the plane art on them. I really find plane art fascinating, I can’t tell you why but i think it’s really cool and unique.

Airplane Art removed from sides of planes

They also have a whole hanger dedicated to space flight and exploring the galaxy. It has a lot of information about the different aircraft, prototypes to replace the most recent shuttles and discoveries made about the different planets through satellite research. It was all very interesting, but to be honest by the time we got to the space hanger I was very overwhelmed by planes. There were so many! Some other cool photos of awesome planes:

Huey helicopter

So, check out the Pima Air & Space Museum if you like looking at planes. You can go through at your own pace, so if you don’t want to see a hangar full of certain planes you can skip it. But the admission price is a bit steep: $13-15 depending on the season. So spend as much time as you can there, read the plaques or pull up info with the QR codes that are by most of the planes. I’d suggest going in the fall/winter, only to avoid the miserable summer heat.