So I finally made it to Topshop, only a month late, but I really did not want to deal with the opening crowds nor did I really have time to shop. But now since I’m done with finals and am waiting to move into my new housing for the summer (*soon i hope!*), I went shopping. I really wanted to get some cute sandals but am having some issues-maybe I’m too picky or something-I don’t know but I’m still on the hunt! Anyway, I ended up at Topshop because I needed to see what all the fuss was about.

First of all, the store is gorgeous. One of the best looking stores I’ve been in. I really liked it. BUT I don’t know…I think my style could just not fit at Topshop at all. I go for the classics and simplicity which is pretty much the opposite of Topshop. Almost all of the clothes were either 80s inspired, crazy patterns, or just plain weird. I saw some cute party dresses but nothing really struck me as a wear everyday look, at least for my closet. I’m not daring enough to wear most of the stuff nor do I think I would be super comfortable in a lot of them. I could be wrong. I would be intrigued to meet with one of their stylists to see what they’d pick out for me. I love adding fun pieces to what I’m wearing but I worry that most of what I saw at Topshop was very not me at all.

So final assessment: Great store just not really for me. I’ll go back if I need a crazy fun outfit or a dress that’s not super classic or that speaks to my inner 50s housewife (I saw some!) but I don’t think I’ll be a regular shopper as long as all of their clothes follow their current aesthetic. Oh also, they have Topshop Maternity, so for all you pregnant Topshop lovers-no need to fear you can still get your Topshop! I saw Topshop Petite too which made me happy as I should probably shop in petites more often.