Dear women of the world,
Please respect each other by doing the following:
1. Flushing the toilet (if you need to flush twice, it’s really ok-no one wants a clogged toilet…and sometimes the automatic flush doesn’t work!)
2. Using a seat cover or at least toilet paper, so that you can sit…not squat and then well, splatter
3. Washing your hands-I need to open that door in a minute too and don’t want your germs

It’s really not that hard to do. I’m sick and tired of being grossed out in public restrooms. I’m sick and tired of putting down multiple seat covers to avoid the splatter. I’m sick and tired of flushing after you. I’m sick and tired of just being ashamed to be a woman when I walk in and out of a restroom.

So please. For every other woman out there-start respecting public restrooms. If you do then maybe others will and they’ll all be lovely. And also, people do clean them at some point in time-imagine if that was you-not cool!

Thank you.