Lately for some reason I have been hit on an absurd amount of times by random people on the street and I’m really tired of it. The act is not very classy itself and were I single I would not EVER take you up on your offer random guy. Here are the latest attempts:

1. Man in his 30s, shirt and tie, walking towards me on the sidewalk. 
Him: *Stops* “Marry me (?) You’re beautiful.” 
Me: “Thanks?” 
Him: “Do you want to get lunch or coffee sometime?”
Me: “No, I think my boyfriend would mind.” *Start walking away*
Him: “I don’t think he will!”
2. Random guy standing on a street corner “Hey shorty!” (Mind you I am short but REALLY? Who calls random people on the street shorty as a term of endearment? Apparently this guy…)
3. Random guy probably homeless… “Sexy. Sweetheart. Sexy. Sweetheart.” (Yeah like I’m really going to stop for you.)
4. Chase Personal Banker. Ok he didn’t hit on me but he pulled me out of line to make a deposit at his desk when I was the only person in line and he can’t even run that at his desk he had to give it to someone else to run through/get me my receipt. He proceeded to try to convince me to activate some features in my bank account and double check all of my contact info, which I said was all the same (semi-lie…best number to reach me is not my home phone in AZ). Anyway, I’m convinced that he pulled me out of line cause I looked good. (Maybe that makes me conceited…oh well.)
Bottom line: I’m tired of this. I mean I don’t really appreciate being blatantly checked out on the street either but I can’t stop that (and who doesn’t check out other people anyway…I am guilty-I judge people based on their outfits).  [Side note: I really don’t think I’m THAT hot. My boyfriend tells me otherwise, especially when I visit him at school and all the guys look at me and tell him-verbally or nonverbally-that I’m hot…whatever]. The moral of the story is that trying to pick up girls on the street really doesn’t work. I’m not going to date you if your idea of getting a girlfriend involves shouting at a girl on the sidewalk or semi-professing your love by just looking at her. Pick up girls in other places with other methods. I don’t know what. I met my boyfriend at a party with friends and we started talking and hit it off…things like that work…if he had cat-called me on the street I don’t think that I would have thought twice about continuing on my way without even saying Hi.