Time Out New York’s latest issue is in 3D so I thought I would pick it up and see what it was all about. The issue came with a pair of 3D glasses that I found a bit difficult to put together/annoying, maybe I’m spoiled by those awesome ones at the movies, but needless to say, I was able to put them together. It was kinda cool to see the cover, large ads and feature story in 3D but it was a little wonky. I found the glasses hard to wear while reading the text so I ended up reading most of the issue sans glasses and dealing with weird looking pictures.

That being said, I think that out of all of their issues, this issue was the one to do in 3D. It was TONY’s Park issue so the photos could be better for 3D. There is a frisbee flying through the air, the Manhattan skyline from DUMBO and public art. Props to the photo and art team for getting those photos in 3D, they were really cool. And also, 3D ads, like the one for the King Tut exhibit, looked awesome in 3D. TONY most likely charged a pretty fee for those ads, and most of them were in the front of book or within the feature story pages. Food was a little weird to see in 3D and you really had to be in the right lighting and hold the magazine at the right angle to do it right, that is if your glasses could stay on.

All in all, it was a good issue and fun, something I think we’ll eventually see more of. I like the experimentation, but I found it hard to read the magazine, the whole point of picking it up, with the glasses on. Fun to look at the pictures? Check. Easy to read while balancing glasses? Not so much. I’m excited to see what comes of this idea though and how other magazines approach it in the future.