Thank you TBNYU for making it nearly impossible for NYU students to use their own facilities. I work in Kimmel and almost didn’t get into the building today BECAUSE I am a student. A little ironic since it’s the Kimmel Center for STUDENT Life. What are you hoping to accomplish now? Your spokesperson said that she wasn’t sure what she wanted anymore. Students not from NYU are showing their support, while hardly any majority is in support of your actions. Yes, you make some valid points-like tuition stabilization and where it all goes…but you have now lost all hope in having talks with the administration over ANY of your demands. I’m not saying that you should have given up, no by all means keep the forum open, but give us back our school.

I am sorry that your friends (and some of them are mine too) got pepper sprayed last night. But after watching the video, they appeared to be attempting to bum rush past protest lines. I’m all for the democratic process and speaking your mind but there are laws in place that we all must abide by and if we stay within them we get treated with respect. Being pepper sprayed is not right-but I don’t think what they were doing was all too right either.

Also, a quick point about where our money goes. Look around you. That building that you live in-your money (ym). The chairs that need to be replaced in Silver-alumnus money. The heat that you feel when you walk into a building-ym. The elevator repairman making sure you don’t get stuck between class-ym. Every student club on campus-ym. Those events with free food that you love so much-ym. That professor that you love talking to after class about lecture, readings or your future-ym. So, see, it’s all right there in front of your eyes.

Stop disrupting my school, my life, and my friends-supporters or not. Be rational and give us back NYU.