Pretty sure you all know about my Pinterest obsession (if not see here and here and here) and as I look through my boards I see a trend which probably says a lot about me.

I like blues. For my future home decorating endeavors, for my future children, for my clothes…I’m totally obsessed. I am particularly obsessed with teal, which I already knew but I think this sampling of pins proves this even more.

Home ideas, most of these include things colored blue…

At this point it looks like my future first child (p.s. no bun in the oven now or for the next few years….) is going to have a nursery of either whales or animals of some sort. I am loving silhouettes of animals, wallpaper featuring whales and just anything animal related. I do think this is fairly neutral too and fun for boys or girls!

I really love desserts. With 236 pins on my dessert board, 30 more than the next largest, which is main course, I obviously have a sweet tooth. And taking a quick look at what I pin I enjoy desserts with alcohol in it, fruit, chocolate and funfetti. I love baking so this is a plus as I always have a ton of ideas to pull from!

I will also be decorating my home with some typography. My Artwork board is full of great quotes printed and framed. I think I may try to do some of these on my own too. Our living room is pretty sparse so maybe this will be my next DIY project.

My latest pins to my Artwork board all have quotes

Other fun facts: I want to do something with mason jars (I have lots in my DIY board), I need to have a party sometime so I can try all of the drinks that I am pinning and I really love s’mores.

So there you have it! Fun facts about me thanks to Pinterest. Are you on Pinterest? Be sure to follow my pins, I’m obviously addicted and am always looking for more ideas so I will follow you back too! What have you discovered about yourself because of Pinterest?