Tonight while walking home from dinner I got a free sample of Beyonce’s new perfume Heat. Union Square Park was filled with people giving out free samples. I also noticed that this really cool black glass building next to mine was lit up in red with a crazy long line on the side. I didn’t equate the two until I saw a tweet from Women’s Wear Daily (WWD) that they were at Beyonce’s fragrance launch party in Union Square. Two seconds and a Google search later I discovered that the red building was the location of the party and that Beyonce was going to be there (obviously). Anyway, my roommate and I RAN out the door, throwing on our coats and entering the snow flurry outside. We looked on the 15th Street side of the building and then realized the party was happening on the Union Square side.

People were looking up at the party (on the 2nd floor) and then someone said omg there she is! And OMG we saw BEYONCE!!!!!!!!!!!!! I <3 Beyonce, I think she is just fantastic and has amazing legs/dance moves/voice/etc. (Also how cute was she at the Grammys when she thanked her husband Jay-Z and actually acknowledged that they were married and that she loved him?!?!?) Anyway, she had on a hot red dress, looked really excited and was just enjoying her party. It was AWESOME!! She was standing right by the window and was there for quite a bit-I believe she was talking about her perfume (I was getting Twitter updates from WWD). Anyway, it was amazing. What a wonderful night. I attempted to take pictures but they didn't really show up but I'll look later and possibly add a picture. AHHH BEYONCE!!!!!