Overall, I thought it was a great show. I really enjoyed Hugh Jackman’s intro-with the cheesy handmade, cardboard set pieces-those were AMAZING! And the singing and dancing were fantastic! He was a great host. I still don’t like the random shout-outs they do to the nominees/actors there-it’s kinda awkward.

The fashion was pretty good. I didn’t see too many dresses that I didn’t like. I would put up pictures but I’m sure you all saw them too…Amy Adams’ dress was ok. Beyonce’s was not good! I loved Taraji Henson from Benjamin Buttons. Marisa Tomei’s was epic-I loved all the details, although I don’t know how she was able to sit down. Miley Cyrus-1. why was she there? 2. What was she wearing? SJP=LOVE! Penelope Cruz looked great too. The simple lines with lots of details made the dresses fantastic. I didn’t feel like anything was too over the top. I read online that this year it was “understated elegance,” and I couldn’t agree more. I really liked the look on almost everyone.

The worst part of the show in my opinion was when they did the Tributes. The direction was not the best because they were trying to show how cool the stage looked with the multiple screens, etc. But in the end I couldn’t read half of the names of those that passed away this year, which was really disappointing for me. It would have been more effective to either do a close up shot of the biggest screen with some cuts to the audience or just stream the video of the montage as the feed. I really did not like the zooming in and out to show the whole stage/display. That was not what that section was about.

As far as the awards went, I was not surprised. Slumdog Millionaire was expected to win everything and they did (minus 2 awards, although one of those was up against itself in the song category which they won…so I don’t know how much that counts as a loss). I really loved that movie. And the little children from the movie were sooo freaking cute! Ryan Seacrest tried to interview the one kid who knows no English which was hilarious! They were super adorable though 🙂

I was surprised Waltz with Bashir did not win-I saw it this afternoon and really liked it. The animation was awesome. I needed a little more background on the story, but overall I really liked it. I did not see the other movies, so I guess I can’t really judge, but all the buzz I’ve heard was about Waltz with Bashir.

Overall, great Oscars, no complaints really from me. It was a great night for a lot of really great movies, actors and crew.