John McCain’s campaign announced today that Sarah Palin, his VP pick, will not cooperate with an investigation into the termination of the Public Safety Commissioner of Alaska. The investigation began because of suspicion that the then-commissioner, would not fire Palin’s (ex)-brother-in-law, who was entagled in a custody dispute with her sister. McCain’s campaign insists that the investigation is being run by the Obama campaign. While the lead senator/representative is a Democrat and Obama supporter, the investigation begain in JULY with a bipartisan vote, long before anyone outside of Alaska even knew who Palin was, or that she could even be McCain’s running mate. For McCain’s campaign to even claim that this investigation is a ploy by the Obama campaign is outlandish and a lie.
The McCain camp continues to attack Obama, which is not the best tactic in my opinion, although it could be their only play, but these attacks will only backfire if they continue to be lies or exaggerations. Just this last weekend the NY Times reported on the various misstatements McCain ads have made-including charges dealing with taxes and sex education. This can not and should not continue. This is turning into a dirty campaign, which hmm…oh yeah McCain had in 2000 against him-maybe it’s time that he remembers the Straight Talk Express and gets back on it before it’s too late.