I must admit that it’s been over 2 years since I’ve had an article published, the last time being senior year of high school, when I served as Editor-in-Chief of Central Echoes. Since then I’ve laid low. I wasn’t too impressed by the Washington Square News my freshman year at NYU, so I decided to focus on school, join some clubs, have fun and make friends. I’ve written stories for classes for the last year and a half or so but never took the time or energy to submit them. Until this past weekend, and as you all hopefully know, my story ran on the front page of WSN today (see previous post), and oh my goodness it felt good.

It was great to see my name in print again. There is something so wonderful about newspapers…that color, the ink, I don’t really know what it is but it’s amazing. Then there were some comments here and there congratulating me from friends. (There is also the joy in my father commenting on my story online and then me hoping it wasn’t embarrassing before reading it. Then it was fine because it was a general comment.) But THE best moment came at about 2 pm. I was waiting for my Italian class to start and a girl diagonally in front of me, was reading my article! She was looking at it and absorbing what I had written. She READ it. Not that my family and friends hadn’t read it, or that others hadn’t looked at it-I mean the editors at WSN had read it multiple times I’m sure to cut the length/reorganize some stuff-or that other people had the paper or had seen it online BUT there, right in front of me, I watched someone read it. Now, I don’t think she knows my last name so she didn’t make the connection it was me, which I don’t want. I like to be somewhat anonymous, especially as a reporter, but she read my work. In a paper. It made me smile all over and just jump for joy on the inside-until we started class and I realized that combined pronouns are way harder than I remembered. I digress…

So quick breakdown of the joys of publication:
1. Newspapers are sexy aka holding them/seeing your name in ink/that color…ok I’m done with that 🙂
2. Your dad leaves comments online
3. People READ your work!!!!