I spent about 2 days in Brussels, Belgium, the capital of the EU. It was great to be in a city where my best friend studied for a semester and one of my Florence roommates is from (well nearby). The first night I got Belgium frites for dinner which were DELICIOUS! I got them the true Belgium way-with mayo. It was a lot of freaking mayo. Then we walked around, saw Gran Place and Mannekin Pis, the tiny statue/fountain that is a small boy peeing and apparently saved Brussels/represents their freedom? Not to sure why but whatever. I also tried Kriek-it’s a Cherry Beer. It was kinda weird at first but it grew on me and by the end I didn’t really think that it tasted like Cherry Cough Syrup + beer.

The next day I did TONS of walking around. First I went to the Cathedral, because well that’s what you do in like every city in Europe. Anyway, mass was about to start so I decided to stay. It was led by a Cardinal which made it super cool! I didn’t know what they were saying but basically understood it since I went to plenty of mass with my mom when I was little. The choir sang beautifully and at the very end everyone clapped. I wasn’t sure if it was for the choir or the cardinal or both…Anyway, then on to the Royal Palace. I LOVE palaces so it was really cool to go into one that is still being lived in today! The royal family wasn’t home (shucks) but they open up the public rooms every summer for free. There are no pictures inside, but it is like many of the other grand palaces that you may tour in Europe-but still lived in. It’s really unique in that way, at least I think it is. There was this weird science exhibition at the end, it looked cool for kids actually but was really crowded so I skipped it. The ceiling was decorated in beetle wings from Asia-it was really awesome looking because they are those iridescent wings.

I walked down to Sablon (?) where I was told to buy chocolate. There was an antique market going on which was fun to walk through. They had everything from furniture, pottery and jewelry to art from Africa. It was really cool and unique. I also saw the Palais of Justice while looking for a waffle. I finally found one and got a leiges which was amazing and sweet. The sugar is baked into the batter. I got them plain since the touristy ones have strawberries and whipped cream and chocolate. I also went to the Chocolate Museum which was pretty cool and interesting. I also got some food at the 1st Le Pain Quoitodien (spelling?) and talked to some nice Italians and English people. Afterwards I went to the City Museum which was only good for the Mannekin Pis outfits. I got a good beer on the Gran Place that night and bought some souvenirs.

Frankfurt is really small. I walked around the old square which was lots of tudor buildings. Then I ate dinner on a boat on the Maim. It was cool, I talked to an Iranian that lives in Germany now and got a sausage and potato salad. I walked around a lot to see the Opera House and other random buildings. It’s been nice. I’m ready to get home. I leave in the morning for DC and am pretty excited to get back to all things American!