As a lot of you may know that we were couch-less for about 3 months. When we moved to Washington we only had a dining table set, mattress and lots of kitchen things. Obviously we spent a good amount of time at Ikea getting the basics but for our couch we wanted something that would last forever. We did A LOT of couch hunting. We started when we lived in Arizona. I think we sat on at least 25 couches, if not more, at Crate & Barrel, West Elm, Restoration Hardware…probably a few other stores. We narrowed it down to a few couches at Crate & Barrel and finally decided on their Axis line.

We ordered and then we waited. We didn’t want the stock color so the ordering process began. Although we ordered a popular color it took time. Since we ordered before the holidays it added time to the normal 6-8 week window. We were told 9-11 weeks, by the time the couch arrived in our living room it was 12 exactly.  It wasthe longest wait EVER. We sat on our air mattress before it got a hole in it, then we propped up pillows and blankets on the floor. Needless to say our backs were glad to have some support when the couch arrived. And oh is it glorious:

Our couch.

Not only did the couch save our backs but it was more comfortable than we remembered from our many couch trials. It also really pulled together our place. I can honestly say that I didn’t like inviting people over and I love having people over! We just had nowhere to relax. Our dining chairs are great for a meal but not all night. Now there is space for people to hang out on, play Wii, just relax.

The couch makes our place complete…with the basics. I am excited to get some decorative throw pillows for color, put some more artwork on the wall, buy an accent chair. It’s easier to see how to decorate our place with the couch in place, and makes relaxing at home 100% possible.

How’d you tie your living room together? Any favorite places for accent pieces? What do you think of our couch?