I freaking LOVE Jason. He’s so freaking adorable BUT I could never EVER be on this show. And boy are the girls CATTY. Goodness gracious. Does that deter me from watching the show? Not at all. It also freaks me out how all the girls keep bringing up everything that happened on last season or what they love about him from what they saw on last season-they don’t really know him yet. I think that he is very genuine and probably not too far off what you see every week but, there are probably differences. If it were me I would want someone to know all that they saw but not to judge me 100% based on what they saw. Would it be great to have that many guys fawning over me if I were in that situation (which thankfully I’m not)? Of course. But seriously at the end of the day it’s kinda freaky. I would want to start from scratch.

Shannon really creeps me out. She knows WAY too much. She’s kinda a stalker.

Lisa went home to be with her family and the girls were excited because it was one less girl in the competition-which ok it kinda makes sense but god they are heartless. I know they only showed 2 girls’ reactions and I just hope that some of the others didn’t automatically think the same thing.

I don’t blame Megan for being mad at Molly. She has a rose already. And wow Erica wow. She says whatever someone wants to hear. And has to be the center of attention.

Everyone is playing a game and you know games don’t work in relationships. I know it’s a reality show but uggggh. I think The Bachelorette version is better cause guys are WAY WAY WAY less drama than girls.

Ok the 2nd-ish half of this blog was real time because I’m watching it online and just writing my reactions down.

His decision: He looks fantastic-he’s such a good dresser!! What does he see in Erica? I mean she’s out going and cute but uggh I wish he could see his bitchiness. I like Raquel better although she’s VERY pushy. I wasn’t surprised by Sharon though.But I don’t think the two girls were in love though…not yet. Did they have strong feelings for him? No doubt, but love, true love? I’m sorry I don’t think so.

Ok can’t wait for next week!!! Eeeek so many exciting things to come! 🙂