Wow. Wow. Wow! I’m sure a lot of people are blogging about this tonight but I must put my thoughts into it too.

I was sooo happy when Jason proposed to Melissa. I really liked them together A LOT! And they were adorable, she was great wit Ty, etc. I was sooo freaking happy and excited!

Then came the After the Final Rose Special. They were hyping it like crazy and I really had no idea what the big drama was going to be. I was expecting Deanna to try to win Jason back during the show, which she totally didn’t do. So I was floored when Jason was like “I love Molly not Melissa.” UMMMM WHAT?!?!?!?!? Melissa had EVERY SINGLE RIGHT to be pissed. And I agreed with what she told him-Why not fight with/for me? And it’s true. If he was having real second opinions about this, he should have talked to her. A healthy relationship does involve fighting. It makes a couple stronger. I have learned this and so have many other people out there. No one likes to fight-it’s very easy to just give it all up, but if you love that person and care about them then you fight like hell to keep them. And Jason well, he kinda gave up. He was not open and honest like he professes he wants the girls to be on the show. You can’t keep feelings like that from the person that you are ENGAGED to.

Molly first looked like she thought she was getting punk’d. But I can’t blame her for being open to going back to Jason. That is what every girl that has had her heartbroken would want to hear. I hope that she goes about it smartly because while I had faith in Jason for picking the right girl in the end, I really have doubts about what he is thinking. He is on a roller coaster right now. He also gave men everywhere a bad name. I can’t imagine having to make the choice that he did BUT REALLY? He played so dumb tonight and tried to get sympathy but I’m sorry-there is no sympathy from me or most people that I know. I’m very disappointed in his actions. I know that I don’t know him and really can’t judge him but wow. I don’t believe what I just saw.

I didn’t really plan on watching The Bachelor another season anyway but now I’m really not going to. Nothing good seems to come of this show. People are on a whirlwind of lust and potential love and only one couple really worked out. That track record isn’t that great. Plus all the girls drive me insane anyway. I know that it can be hard to find love but let’s go back to the old fashioned way please. That would be great. Leave reality tv to something else-dance, money, but not love. It’s painful to watch these people go through heartbreak on tv…it really is. And now a ridiculous amount of people are quite upset with Jason, that’s not good. I’m sure he’s a really great guy but now eehhhh I’m not so sure. Sorry Jase. But it’s true. Good luck-I hope that you act more mature with Molly, because the way you treated Melissa was just awful. (And I would say that no matter what girl he had picked, although I really did like Melissa.)