The unthinkable happened tonight. Actually, over the last few weeks-the Cardinals are going to the Super Bowl. It’s their first time going to a national championship game for 100 years. They hadn’t even made it very far in the playoffs for years. And somehow they beat the odds. I don’t think I would have believed it if I hadn’t watched the last two games.

I’ve never really been a Cardinals fan. Sure, I want my hometown team to do well, but it’s hard to be a fan when they’ve never really done well for my entire life. I wouldn’t consider myself much of a fan now but I’m rooting for them. I guess you can call me a fair weather fan at this time. I think that it’s great for Phoenix that they are doing so well, everyone needs some great news and it gives everyone some hope too. After 20 seasons in the valley, an expensive new stadium, a redesign of the mascot, and a lot of disappointment, the Cardinals are showing Phoenix that they really can play football and succeed!

Congrats Cardinals! I’ll be rooting for you next week but I still can’t believe it, the first thing I said when they won was “Oh my god!” Good luck and I can’t wait to watch the game (and more importantly-the ads-they really are the best).