Dear ABC,

I really appreciate that you put all of your shows online-it’s very helpful, especially as a college student with little time and whose ABC is mysteriously in Spanish this past semester. But I do NOT appreciate when you take the episodes down. I’m sure that you have some really good reasons BUT winter break is the ideal time to have every episode on your website. This is when all students have time off to relax and catch up on everything that they missed during the semester for one reason or another. I was really excited to come home and watch the last few episodes of Grey’s, Private Practice, Desperate Housewives and Brothers & Sisters (Yes, I have 4 shows that I am completely devoted to on your station…more if you count some that aren’t on now..but that’s not the point). I curled up with my laptop in bed and found Episodes 1-4 and 10 on every single show. Thankfully my mom had some of the episodes Tivoed but not all of them, she lacks my love of Private Practice and had deleted others, so I could watch some but not everything. The want to not miss anything of these great shows led me to the sites that I never visit-sites like surfthechannel or even just googling single episodes. I could watch some but not all of my shows. One episode, Private Practice’s episode 8 from this season, has been pulled down EVERYWHERE online due to infringement, which yes, I get. BUT if you are going to pull the copyright card for all sites-why is episode 8 not available on your site? Why do I have to resort to googling and watching episodes with Korean or maybe Japanese subtitles just to see the show that you own? Can’t it just be on your site all the time? It just doesn’t make sense.

So please, make all the episodes available at all times-it just makes sense. It won’t lead people like me on wild goose chases across the world wide web that end up in dead ends because of infringement. So do your part, and just put the video online. It’ll drive more traffic to your site, and you know that. So please, monopolize the show that you own and put it online for goodness sakes. If episode 8 was so amazing or so horrible that it’s being pulled-whatever-you own it and just let me, and many others who want to catch up, watch it!


P.S. I know that your organization is probably short on money like all media companies but online ad sales are booming so if your server isn’t big enough, I think you’ll be able to pay for it with just a couple ads.