The game: Good game Cardinals! At about half time I was giving up on them but then they somehow did manage to get soooooo close at the end. I was really excited but alas, they lost. The number of personal fouls was INSANE, they gave up about 100 yards in penalties alone-that’s ridiculous. But once they got moving in the end, I was excited for them. I thought that it might happen. Maybe in another 60-100 years?

The ads: Kinda disappointed, I won’t lie. The stand outs were NBC-I mean wow. Great job. They had to have great ads to help bring people back to NBC Primetime. I’m interested to see how it works out for them. But I was seriously dying laughing in a lot of the commercials. The beer ads were good as usual. The Miller Light (I think) ad where the guy gets thrown out the window was great! Also, the Audi through time was cool. There was another car commercial with a bullet going through a bottle of alcohol or something that was really awesome to watch. The Budweiser Clydesdale ads were super cute. But overall, the ads were ok. Nothing really REALLY stood out to me, like the Tide Bleach to Go from last year where the stain talks-I still laugh at that one!

The halftime show: Honestly, I didn’t really watch it. I was making quesadillas for everyone/we were watching the BEST halftime show EVER aka the one with NSync, Britney Spears, Aerosmith, Nelly and Mary J. Blidge. It’s such a good one, seriously hands down the greatest halftime show I’d say.

Sooo that was the game. It was fun watching my hometown team play. I did get more into the game than I have in the past because well, you have to root for the home team.