The Bachelorette: WTF Deanna?!??!? Jesse…really? ok whatever. have fun…having fun? I don’t know what to say…Jason was perfect but cool. Actually I can kinda see why she chose him, it doesn’t make me happy but I can KINDA see it. That is all.

So you think you can dance: Obvious choice in who was going home this week. Comfort and Thayne-it’s about time. I’m really surprised it took this long but whatever. The top 10 looks good to me and I can’t wait to see more. But Katy Perry was really bad live which made me kinda sad.
Shear Genius: I loved it!!! And was really nervous when my favorite (Renee aka hi hi or shake it! guy) wasn’t around in the beginning but then he showed up YAY!!! Charlie’s Angels lady aka the host (I always forget her name) didn’t look too good in the first two episodes but I hope that changes because I really like her.